Misuse of 1080,  unsafe practices, spills. Have you personally been made ill or lost a relative who worked with 1080. Found dead native birds after a 1080 drop. Lost pets or livestock, Had 1080 dropped on your property or in your drinking water.

We need to hear from you. 

A book is being compiled to tell the truth about 1080. The reality of the situation as experienced by many New Zealanders.

We'd love to hear your accounts in relation to 1080.

Have you witnessed or know anyone with first hand accounts of​:

Terms and Conditions for 1080 Eyewitness Book submissions​

Book Submissions


  1. All submitted stories must be about your personal experience with Compound 1080 poison.
  2. Authenticated stories regarding deceased persons will be accepted when submitted by immediate family members or acquaintances.   These submissions will be subject to third party research to confirm there authenticity where necessary.
  3. All stories must include the year and geographic location of the related event.
  4. All submissions must include your full name, address and/or email address, and phone number.
  5. No anonymous submissions shall be accepted.
  6. Any photographs submitted may be used in the book.  Acknowledgement of photographer shall be made.  These photographs may be used in any promotional material for the 1080 Eyewitness book(s).
  7. If your story is accepted for publication your name shall be used to identify you as the author of the story.
  8.  All stories accepted for print will be edited for spelling and grammar errors as required.
  9. Any story that the editor believes requires content editing shall be referred to the author for resubmission.  The editor may in this instance offer editorial content change advice to the author.
  10. All stories accepted for print will require a final approval sign off from the author.
  11. An ideal word count for your story is between 1000-2000 words.  Any stories longer than 2000 words will be subject to editing.   Short stories of less than 1000 words are acceptable.
  12. Once submitted, that specific submission becomes the property of 1080 Eyewitness and may not be printed or reproduced in any other publication, both written and electronic, without prior approval of the 1080 Eyewitness book editor.
  13. All stories are submitted free of charge and no author whose story is accepted for publication has any rights to royalties received from the published book – refer below. 
  14. Should the publication achieve financial success the editor may offer royalties to the authors whose stories have been printed. 
  15. Money received from the sale of the books, after costs and royalties to authors have been deducted, shall be reinvested into a second book or suitable cause that requires funding in the battle to stop the use of Compound 1080 poison.  
  16. No stories supporting the use of Compound 1080 poison shall be used in this book.
  17. Not all stories submitted shall be published.  The selection of stories to be published shall be made by 1080 Eyewitness.
  18. You may submit more than one story however each story must be submitted separately
  19. The author of any stories published is solely responsible for content of their submitted story and are therefore solely responsible for any liable or legal action taken by any aggrieved third party with regards to the submitted story.
  20. Submissions shall be accepted via the website, via email to or via postal mail to 1080 Eyewitness, C/- PO Box 57, Haast, 7844, New Zealand. 



1080 Eyewitness,

C/- PO Box 57,

Haast, 7844,

New Zealand.​


Email: admin@1080eyewitness.co.nz